These Cryptocurrencies show a Promising Growth Potential

Cryptocurrencies are still attracting investors with regular headlines around the values and insane profits that crypto investors are making. If you are looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market, it is not too late. Firstly, here’s a guide that will help you understand the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies. Once you are ready, watch out for these 10 cryptocurrencies that are showing promising growth potential.


What’s all the hype around Ethereum lately? The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap (US$225.19 billion) is expected to receive some blockchain upgrades that are fueling its price. Etherum’s network was the first to introduce smart contracts and other altcoins in the crypto market are built on Ethereum’s network. Along with that credibility, Etherum is increasingly being used by DeFi applications that is, making this crypto coin an investor’s favorite.


One of the best performing cryptocurrencies, in the market and one of the most stable coins, best surviving the unpredictable volatility of the cryptocurrency market is Cardano. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies that have no real-world applications, Cardano’s platform is built for diverse use cases in education, retail, finance, and healthcare. Earlier this year, the company that owns Cardano, IOHK, announced that its blockchain technology will be used to reform Ethiopia’s education system. The logic behind this is that Cardano’s technology will create a secure system for storing information about